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Discover inspirational, motivational quotes with reminders and widgets. Play with the Quote Engine to find your daily quotes and save your favorites.

Discover inspirational and motivational quotes in an innovative streaming quote engine. Play or pause the stream of quotes to explore a database of over 500k quotes and sayings from famous figures. Simply set up your stream and enjoy the quotes that come pouring in. - Explore quotes by tapping on categories or authors such as "General," "Health," "Albert Einstein," or "Change" to open a new stream of thousands of quotes. - Add home screen or lock screen widgets by searching for "Inspiration" app in widget section. - Easily navigate the quote stream using pause, play, forward, and back buttons, or by swiping. - Receive quote of the day notification every morning. - Navigate quickly between different categories or authors to find new quotes by pressing on author or category names. - Build your own collection of favorites by tapping the heart icon on any quote. - Go to the explore section from the menu tab to browse a selection of popular categories, music, and some well-known authors. - The unique streaming format continuously displays quotes and makes it easy to encounter new or undiscovered quotes. - We are developing more features to come in the future! Inspiration App is perfect for those moments when you want to pause, reflect, or learn something new. Find motivational quotes in the morning or mindful, meditative quotes before bed. Read positive affirmations for your mental health. Explore your favorite authors or find a quote for a particular topic of interest. Inspiration App is easy to use, and the dark mode is easy on the eyes as well. The current quote is in focus and free from distractions. Get lost in a stream of quotes, sayings, phrases, proverbs, and messages about life. Inspiration App’s streaming database makes it easy to come across undiscovered, lesser-known quotes from famous authors or on particular topics. You may come across an age-old saying or proverb from a historical figure. Or, you might find a little-known striking or casual statement from a famous person alive today. The amount of quotes in the database means you have countless options for what quotes you can choose to read.
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